Lightning Protection for Data & Communication Centers

Lightning Protection Contractor for Data Centers

At Northeast Lightning Protection, we are a lightning protection contractor for data and communication centers. We have over 40 years of experience in providing high-quality, reliable lightning protection for data centers.

We understand the importance of protecting data centers. One lightning strike has enough electrical current to fry millions of data processors. That is why we focus on providing data and communication center lightning protection that exceeds expectations and provides unmatched protection.

Data Center Lightning Protection Components

Protecting your data centers can be done in a few easy steps. There are four main components to providing lightning protection.

  • Lightning Rods
  • Conductor Cables
  • Ground Rods
  • Surge Protection Devices

At Northeast Lightning Protection we are here to assist you with all of these components and more.

As a reliable lightning protection contractor for data & communication centers, we meet and exceed all recognized U.S safety standards for lightning protection. We provide the most advanced data center lightning protection equipment according to the codes of Underwriters Laboratories, Inc. 96A, Lightning Protection Institute 175, and National Fire Protection Association 780. A system of communication center lightning protection consists of several integral components: the lightning rods, conductor cable, lightning arrestors, and ground rods.

To better protect your data centers from the forces of nature, contact us here.