School Building Lightning Protection

Lightning Protection for School Buildings

Because the safety of staff, students, and educational facilities is a top priority, the importance of lightning protection for schools cannot be overemphasized. Lightning is an often-underestimated weather hazard, even though a lightning strike can have a devastating impact.

The Importance of Lightning Protection for Schools

Unfortunately, school activities can endanger students considering most lightning injuries occur in open areas; therefore, children on playgrounds, sports fields or in a gymnasium can be more at risk. Similarly, a lightning strike is capable of inflicting devastating effects on the main school building, where hundreds of people are congregating and where there’s likely to be a large concentration of electrical equipment such as computers, power outlets, and laboratory equipment. Fortunately, most lightning casualties can be avoided through a series of safety procedures and lightning protection.

At Northeast Lightning Protection we install school building lightning protection systems that are designed to redirect the electrical energy and the damaging power of lightning to a less destructive path to ground, instead of it traveling through the building’s electrical wiring, water piping, structure, or low-voltage cabling paths where it could cause injury or equipment damage inside the building.  

Benefits of Lightning Protection:

  • maintains the safety of staff and students
  • safeguard from the destruction of physical property
  • prevents damaging surges to essential equipment
  • reduces the risk of a fire incident
  • lowers the chance for unexpected budget expense

Family-owned and operated for more than 40 years, Northeast Lightning Protection is a leading contractor for school building lightning protection systems and grounding services throughout New England including Connecticut (CT), Massachusetts (MA), New York (NY), Rhode Island (RI), New Hampshire (NH) and Vermont (VT). Our project supervisors and installers are fully trained and certified to complete projects and, meet and resolve any challenges you might have.

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