The Importance of Lightning Protection

According to the NFPA, lightning strikes cause $451 million dollars in property damage each year.

Why Do I Need a Lightning Protection System?

Thunderstorms make some people uncomfortable. Jagged lightning strikes that carry across the sky are dangerous, especially when they strike homes and businesses. Lightning strikes can cause fires, injuries, and even deaths. Without proper commercial lightning protection, people could face liabilities in the event of a terrible accident. Because the lives of everyone depend on it, one shouldn’t hesitate to get the proper lightning protection.

The Importance of Lightning Proection

Before people can even blink their eyes, a towering mass of heated air can end their lives. The chances of being struck by lightning are very small, but they have increased slightly in recent years. The warmer climates all over the world are fueling more and more storms. While lightning strikes are dazzling displays of nature’s awesome power, they are also a reminder that bad things happen to people who aren’t prepared. Home lightning protection will ensure one’s safety and their insurance company will appreciate the steps they take to secure their house from lightning.

Pretend that a business owner has a building and a raging storm develops outside. Lightning dances across the sky until one bolt strikes the top of the building. An inferno ensues and engulfs the beloved business. People could prevent this unfortunate scenario with commercial lightning protection. They can’t let a storm ruin the lives of their business. Their customers will also appreciate the time and effort they put in to ensure their safety. Lightning won’t spare anyone within a certain radius of the strike.

While lightning rods help protect a structure and all occupants from a direct strike, a complete lightning protection system, including utility bonding, proper grounding, and surge protection help prevent harmful electrical surges and possible fires caused by lightning entering a structure via wire and pipes. A complete lightning protection system includes; lightning rods, conductor cables, ground electrodes, utility bonding clamps (for water pipes, sprinkler, & gas and/or oil pipes) and surges protection.

Trusting a Lightning Proection Professional

Trusting the professionals for lightning protection is a great idea for homeowners as well. Instead of losing everything to a disaster, home insurance companies will be more forgiving if the owner demonstrates secure lightning protection. An insurance company is more likely to cover the damages of a house hit by lightning if adequate steps were taken to make sure the property is safe. Lightning protection that works well will keep everyone in the home safe and sound. People can leave home in stormy areas with the peace of mind that everything will be alright. Safety is everything in a storm, and one can’t be too careful.

The next time that a household fears lightning strikes, its owner should contact the proper home lightning protection company, like Northeast Lightning Protection. No money and no time can be wasted in securing a home from natural disasters. Lightning strikes cause a variety of damage and it’s best to prevent damage before it ever happens.

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