Lightning Protection for Healthcare Facilities

Healthcare Facility Lightning Protection Systems

Adding a lightning protection system to a health care facility such as a hospital, doctors office, health clinic or urgent care center helps to provide peace of mind and allows staff to focus on maintaining the health and wellness of patients without the possibility of interruption caused by lightning.

At Northeast Lightning Protection, we help to defend against the negative effects of lightning. Our expert installers will fit your health care facility with lightning protection, grounding, surge protection and warning systems.

What is a lightning protection system?

Lighting protection systems are designed to redirect the electrical energy and the damaging power of lightning to a less destructive path to ground, instead of it traveling through the building’s electrical wiring, water piping, structure, or low-voltage cabling paths where it could create significant chaos inside the building.  

Benefits of lightning protection:

  • safeguard from the destruction of physical property
  • maintains the safety of personnel and patients
  • prevents damage to essential equipment
  • reduces the risk of a fire incident

A family owned business for more than 40 years, Northeast Lightning Protection has a reputation as the leading contractor for commercial and residential health care facility lightning protection systems and grounding services throughout New England including Connecticut (CT), Massachusetts (MA), New York (NY), Rhode Island (RI), New Hampshire (NH) and Vermont (VT). Our project supervisors and installers are fully trained and certified to complete projects and, meet and resolve any challenges you might have.

Does your hospital need lightning protection? Contact the experts at Northeast Lightning Protection to schedule a consultation or request a quote, 860-243-0010.