Identify Existing Lightning and Power Surge Hazards & Methods To Protect Property

A lack of quality lightning protection systems has costs companies billions of dollars when failures and outages occur. Proper planning for potential failures ahead of time and the implementation of a lightning protection plan and compliance with recommended electrical industry best practices could significantly reduce risks of failure, potentially saving lives and preventing costly interruptions and property damage.

Power Surges

Faulty wiring, malfunctioning equipment, damaged equipment, compromised power lines, capacitor switching, and grid shifting can all lead to surges. When there is too much demand on a single power line to produce power, a surge can happen. This is common in areas with a high concentration of businesses that use heavy, high-powered machinery to operate their businesses.

Lightning Surges

One of the most common causes for power surges is lightning. It is important to note that lightning does not have to strike an object to cause a surge. In the absence of a strong lightning protection system, the structure is vulnerable to surge activity. The most powerful surges that properties experience can be tied to lightning. When lightning strikes an exposed cable connected to electrical equipment a surge can result. When lightning produces and electromagnetic field, it can affect the power supply.

Protecting a Property

Working with an expert, like Northeast Lightning Protection LLC, to assess the risks is important in protecting against surge activities caused by lightning. Commercial and home lightning protection systems may be recommended after the soil composition, local weather patterns and the building occupancy levels are evaluated. A combination of surge protection devices and improved grounding systems may be recommended. Existing electrical outlets may be replaced with higher quality outlets to minimize surge risks.

Surge protection systems are designed to meet the specific property’s needs. Energy usage patterns and the volume of industrial activity are also taken into account. In addition to preventing surges, they protect the building, equipment, occupants and appliances within a structure.

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